‘Nuisance’ west Columbus bus station subject of town hall meeting

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Concerned neighbors of the North Wilson Greyhound bus station held a community town hall meeting Monday.

Those neighbors voiced emotional concerns, and frustration, over the violence plaguing the bus stop.

The station moved from East Town Street in Downtown to the new location in late June. Since then, police have been called to the area dozens of times since it first opened including a fatal shooting last Sunday.

Columbus is seeking an injunction to declare the property a public nuisance, but shutting down a privately owned business is a process that takes time, much to the displeasure of neighbors.

A member of the Columbus City’s Attorney’s Office joined the town hall and explained what that legal process looks like, ensuring residents the city is doing what it can.

“He knew he was going to take some licks,” neighbor Zach Whitt said. “There’s a lot of really angry residents in our neighborhood, and he showed up and I think gave good answers.”

For now, those neighbors will have to wait for the bus terminal owners’ next court date, which is scheduled for December.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/columbus/nuisance-west-columbus-bus-station-subject-of-town-hall-meeting/ ‘Nuisance’ west Columbus bus station subject of town hall meeting

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