Ohio Bill Requires Approved Training for Persons Serving Alcohol

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – A invoice Ohio lawmakers seeking to enact “Hayden's Law” regarding alcohol and wait staff training will hold their first public hearing Tuesday.

The bill would require alcohol serving training for liquor licensees and their employees, and would exempt intoxicated individuals from civil liability if they cause injury, death, or property damage.

Training must be approved by the Liquor Control Inspector and includes:

  • An explanation of the rules governing the sale of beer, wine, mixed beverages, and alcoholic beverages in Ohio.
  • Guidance on preventing the provision of services to minors
  • Instructions for knowing when to reduce or discontinue service to intoxicated persons
  • Using conflict management skills in alcohol-related situations

The superintendent establishes the number of hours required for training and how to determine when a person has successfully completed training.

Upon completion of the approved training, liquor license holders and persons who have suffered personal injury, death, or property damage from an intoxicated person may be permitted to serve the liquor license holder and those who have followed all procedures specified in the training program. There is no cause of action against the employee who did so.

House Bill 504 will be known as Hayden's Law, named after Hayden Kaiser, 25, who died in a car accident in Summit County in 2021.

The bill was introduced in the House of Representatives on April 23 and is scheduled to have its first hearing in the Civil Justice Committee on Tuesday.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/ohio-bill-to-require-approved-training-for-anyone-who-serves-alcohol/ Ohio Bill Requires Approved Training for Persons Serving Alcohol

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