Ohio Board of Education Vote on LGBTQ+ Resolution

Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) — The Ohio Board of Education voted in favor of the veto resolution Proposed federal protection For LGBTQ+ students.

Ohio Board of Education Approves 10-7 amended resolution Opponents said it would harm LGBTQ+ youth in the state. Board member Brendon Shea wrote the resolution after June proposed changes to Title IX, a federal program that protects people from gender-based discrimination. This change includes protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The vote comes after several meetings over four months and hours of public testimony.

what does the resolution say?

Shay of London, Submit resolution in Septembernow titled “Resolution Opposing Proposed Changes to Title IX and Confirming Parental Rights and Regional Control of K-12 Education in Ohio.”

The latest version of the resolution states that the proposed Title IX changes “contradict the plain language of the original law,” and requires schools to “base sports teams on gender identity rather than biological sex.” While demanding, it also demands that “allow access to gender-segregated facilities based on gender.” Emphasize identity, not biological sex. ”

Additionally, the resolution states that the proposed rule would “require K-12 schools to socially transition minor children to another gender without requiring parental consent.” . Shea also says the rules are depriving students of their First Amendment speech rights.

The amended resolution calls on the Board to urge the Ohio legislature to “resist attempts by the federal executive branch to undermine the original intent of Title IX.” Then direct the Acting Superintendent of Public Education to issue a copy of the resolution to all public schools in Ohio within 21 days stating that the board opposes the proposed changes, and provide guidance on that is “non-mandatory” and considers the school to be non-mandatory. A specific course of action.

In any event, changes to Title IX remain non-enforceable until the US Department of Education reviews the more than 200,000 comments submitted during last summer’s public comment period. The process of finalizing regulations may take months or years.

nevertheless, Lawsuit Filed by Ohio Attorney General David Yost Twenty-one other attorneys general have argued that the proposed policy is illegal. In July, a federal judge in Tennessee ruled in their favor, temporarily blocking some of the new Title IX protections. A final decision is still pending.

The resolution states that the Board will support the efforts of the Ohio Attorney General.

strong reaction on both sides

Denying the proposed protection has had a strong reaction over the past four months.This fall, the Columbus City Board of Education will passed its own resolution against To Shia’s suggestion.

Columbus City Board of Education President Jennifer Adair said, “This law is absolutely disgusting. It promotes blatant discrimination and is full of hate.”

Susan Klein, a former Milford clinical counselor, expressed her support for the resolution.

“Encouraging the choice of ‘pronouns’ and encounters with children of the opposite sex in bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers is, in fact, a form of anxiety, bullying, and physical abuse that school authorities are tasked with preventing.” We will hold schools accountable for what is possible,” Klein said.

executive director Ohio Association of School PsychologistsRachel Chilton opposes the resolution, with reports that young people who attend schools that support the LGBTQ+ community have lower rates of suicide attempts.

“Affirmative banning of underage behavior and medical care goes against widely-advocated medical advice and results in the mental and physical health of all LGBTQ+ youth, especially transgender and nonbinary youth, statewide. It’s going to ruin your physical health,” Chilton said.

The resolution highlights several anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in the Ohio Legislature in 2022. House Bill 616, Opponents of the “Divisive Concepts” Bill Call it the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill.In addition, Ohio has Laws Banning Same-Sex Marriage and Amendments to the Constitution In the case of Obergefell v. Hodges it would be reproducedSupreme Court case to legalize gay marriageoverturned.

LGBTQ+ youth are notoriously difficult to find safe spaces.study show LGBTQ+ youth are five times more likely to commit suicide Because I can’t go out with my family and friends. Additionally, he 92% of transgender youth attempt suicide before she turns 25.

vote on the day President Joe Biden plans to sign the Marriage Respect Act, a bill to protect the legality of same-sex marriage. The bill requires states to recognize marriages from elsewhere, regardless of a person’s sex, race, ethnicity, or nationality.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/ohio-board-of-education-votes-on-lgbtq-resolution/ Ohio Board of Education Vote on LGBTQ+ Resolution

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