Ohio company to sell “flamethrower-wielding robot dog'' called Thermonator

What has four legs and breathes fire? Apparently, it's Thermonator, the controversial “robotic dog that wields the first flamethrower in history.''

Throwflame, an Ohio-based company that makes flamethrowers, says its latest invention has a 30-foot range, light detection and distance mapping, laser aiming, is battery-powered, and can fly around. It has legs that allow you to

Touted as the “ultimate firepower companion,” applications for the robot include entertainment and special effects, as well as wildlife control and prevention, agricultural management, ecological conservation, and snow and ice removal, Slowflame said. said.

For just $9,420, if you don't have a pet dragon, you can own your own best friend who looks like a fire-breathing dog.

However, not everyone is participating.

Following reports of the Thermonator's release, some were quick to ridicule the innovation on social media with comments such as “Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.”

another person Said: “I think I'm the only one who saw that episode of Black Mirror” This is clearly a reference to the 2017 episode Metalhead from the TV series Black Mirror, which explores the effects of new technology. In this episode, a woman tries to survive an apocalyptic world infested with terrifying robot dogs.

another user I have written: “Good. If this inevitably causes a wildfire, will the owner be liable? Or will they set fire to the neighbor's house?”

Flamethrowers are now legal throughout the United States, except in Maryland, where they are considered “destructive devices.”

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Under Maryland law, destructive devices average Explosive, incendiary or toxic substances transported or combined with detonators that may cause injury to persons or damage to property. These also include devices that have been intentionally modified, containerized, or equipped with special delivery, activation, or explosive components that confer the material destructive properties of military weapons.

Meanwhile, in California, residents must obtain a permit if they want to own a flamethrower with a range of more than 10 feet, CNN reported. report.

https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2024/apr/26/robot-flamethrower-dog-thermonator Ohio company to sell “flamethrower-wielding robot dog'' called Thermonator

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