Ohio doctor who made false claims about coronavirus vaccine has his medical license reinstated

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Columbus, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) — A doctor who falsely claimed that COVID-19 vaccines were connected to 5G cell towers has had his medical license reinstated during a Congressional hearing.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is a Cleveland-area osteopathic physician and an outspoken anti-vaccine advocate. Medical activities will be suspended indefinitely Last August, after the state medical board found she repeatedly failed to cooperate with medical authorities. board investigation into her. On April 10, the medical board voted to reinstate her license on a probationary basis, according to state licensing records.

On Thursday night, Tenpenny announced on social media that his license had been reinstated, writing on X that he was “thrilled” to share the news.

“Thank you for your continued love and support, but most importantly for your prayers during this difficult time,” Tenpenny wrote.

Tenpenny made national headlines in 2021. Testified in favor of banning vaccine mandates He spoke before an Ohio House committee without evidence that the coronavirus vaccine “magnetized” people and connected them to 5G towers.

“I think you've seen pictures on the Internet of people who have received injections like this, and now they're magnetized. They can put a lock on their forehead,” she testified. It sticks. If you place a spoon or fork on top of it, it may stick. Because now we think there's a piece of metal in there. ”

It's unclear how the investigation into Ms. Tenpenny first began, but last August the board found that she had evaded multiple interview requests, ignored letters detailing the accusations against her, and failed to comply with the required He announced that he had never submitted an answer. According to a letter sent to Ms Tenpenny in September 2022, several months after the investigation first began, she told the inquiry committee through her lawyer that she “does not believe there is a legal basis”. ” he answered.

Mr. Tenpenny also ignored an investigative subpoena for a deposition and reiterated that he did not believe the investigation was legal. She subsequently refused to attend her investigation meeting for the same reason.

Tenpenny, who first obtained his license in 1984, unsuccessfully appealed his suspension. According to her commission's suspension order, before she could be reinstated, she was required to submit a statement from the commission's enforcement division that she had complied with all subpoenas and other investigative requests from the commission.

A spokesperson for the medical board said the board found Tenpenny met its requirements.

Tenpenny operates a “Health Recovery Center” in Cleveland and offers external counterpulsation, which is commonly used to treat chest pain, but Tenpenny also has treatments for erectile dysfunction, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer's disease. It is also claimed to be effective. She also runs an interdisciplinary medical center in Middleburg Heights, and its website advertises that she is “known for getting people back on their feet and eliminating symptoms without pharmaceuticals.” are doing.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/medical-license-reinstated-for-ohio-doctor-who-made-false-claims-against-covid-19-vaccines/ Ohio doctor who made false claims about coronavirus vaccine has his medical license reinstated

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