Ohio Ethanol Plant Offers Renewable Fuels

Ethanol is alcohol made from corn, 10% of which is already pumped into the gas. 15% ethanol gas is also available in many places.

Leipsic, Ohio — There may be an alternative to electric vehicles in the fight against climate change and greenhouse gases.

Ethanol is alcohol made from corn and is already added to gasoline at the pump at 10%. However, 15% ethanol gas is widely available and should work fine in any vehicle built after 2001.

About 7 cents cheaper per gallon.

Ohio is one of the nation’s top corn producers and the seventh largest supplier of biofuels to the United States. Of the more than 580 million bushels produced, 40% feeds one of the state’s seven ethanol plants.

Demand for corn also keeps bushel prices high.

WTOL 11 took a behind-the-scenes peek at the POET bioprocessing plant in Leipsick, Ohio. Our factories are built within 50 miles of most farms in Ohio, making it convenient for us to process our products.

The plant’s general manager, Ken Miceli, said the ethanol will go to the Toledo and Detroit markets.

“Plant-based Ohio ethanol burns cleaner and reduces greenhouse gas emissions,” said Miceli. fuel. “

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https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/ohio-ethanol-plants-provide-renewable-fuel/512-ae9d420c-6e4f-49bc-b206-9f24d211156e Ohio Ethanol Plant Offers Renewable Fuels

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