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Ohio gallery challenges transgender stigma

“Out in Ohio” showcases LGBTQ+ Ohio people who are making a difference in their communities.

Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) — Central Ohio photographer Stonewall Columbus A photo gallery that challenges the stigma and stereotypes of the transgender community.

Vincent-Natasha Gay, photographer and owner of Mx. Gay photo (Courtesy Photo/NV Gay).

Vincent-Natasha Gay is the creator of “This is Trans,” an upcoming gallery at Stonewall Columbus showcasing diverse identities within the trans community. gays are nonbinary Max.gay pictures.

Gay faced the stigma of the trans community when they came out. hormone replacement therapy When gender reassignment surgeryBut Gay knew they didn’t want to transition like that.

“I see my existence as something that lives fluidly between gender lines,” Gay said. “I just express myself as I am.”

Gay realized they weren’t alone. Many in the trans community, especially nonbinary individuals, are bullied into thinking they must complete surgery and receive hormones to become “legally” transgender.

To combat these notions, Gaye is photographing local transgender individuals and showcasing the umbrella of identity in the trans community. This is the portrait series “This is Trans”.

“This is Trans” will be on display at Stonewall Columbus starting November 19 (Photo/NV Gay).

“The participants in this project have been photographed in their candor, showing the world that they are wholly legitimate in their unique and diverse transgender identities and representations,” Gay said.

The portraits contain quotes about what being transgender means to the participants and contain only pronouns to protect the participants’ identities.

Accompanying the photos is a 30-minute documentary featuring interviews with gallery-goers, produced by gay videographer Alex Rogers. This documentary is an open conversation about what it means to be transgender and how members of the community navigate coming out in different situations.

Gay hopes that viewers of the gallery and documentary will leave Stonewall with a renewed understanding of transgender identity and a sense of being empowered to live as who they really are.

“My goal is that when someone comes to see this gallery, they see people like me and feel empowered by their transgender identity,” Gay said. I see people living their lives who don’t have to conform to other people’s ideas about what it means to be trans.”

“This is Trans” will premiere at 1160 Stonewall Columbus North High Street on November 19 from 12pm to 6pm. transgender memorial dayThe opening will feature a wellness fair, silent art auctions and guest speakers from organizations across the city.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/columbus/out-in-ohio-stonewall-columbus-gallery-challenges-stigma-in-trans-community/ Ohio gallery challenges transgender stigma

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