Ohio Gambling Law: What Casinos Are Legal to Play in Ohio

As some of you may know, US gambling laws are complicated. They are covered by federal law and therefore are not illegal. However, each state can apply specific and one of a kind laws regarding the matter.

Even if you find a licensed online casino, it might be illegal to play exactly on this website in a certain state. As US gambling laws are quite different, it’s best to find out what casino providers are allowed in your state and gamble there only. Various lists of online casinos for real money in US are available for players online, and you can scroll through and choose a reliable website that won’t get you in trouble. Such lists usually include license information or at least casino providers as well.

Now we are going to take a deep look into the Ohio law and online gambling activity in this particular state.

Offshore Gambling is Allowed

Laws about betting in the US are the most complex there are. On the other side, players in Ohio are allowed to play at online casino sites that are not located on US soil. It is safe to play in this way as long as you are not a professional gambler. But, there are no rules that will define you as a professional player.

4 Brick and Mortar Casinos are Available

Telling you that playing roulette or gamble in general here won’t be very accurate. The state has 4 real world casinos known as Hollywood Casino Columbus, Jack Cincinnati Casino, Jack Cleveland Casino, and also Hollywood Casino Toledo. Here you can play slots and also table games. These are all casinos based on Las Vegas style so you can imagine the overall appeal and the details. We can see a massive similarity as with gambling in LA laws and regulations, especially in this case scenario.

Racinos are Legal and Available as well

The previous state-related gambling restrictions have been adjusted and changed many times in the past. This means that now players can enjoy racinos. These are race tracks where you can play slots as well. A free bonus may be available at some of them. This is perfectly legal and there are no related issues.

DFS is Allowed

DFS is Allowed

DFS stands for daily fantasy sports and this type of betting in the state is perfectly legal. Keep in mind that an operator must be licensed in order to allow players and the licensing fee is around $10.000. On the other hand, there are no other fees the operators must pay to the state. And yes, all games and platforms here are available and supported.

Playing Slots and Few Other Games is Illegal

Playing slots, craps, or betting on dog fights is illegal in Ohio. It is also illegal to play poker in unregulated poker rooms. This means that playing these games at your home is not allowed and you can be fined. There are places where you can play these games and these are considered as legal. This also means that office pools and similar types of betting on Ohio are not allowed.

Different Age Limits Apply

You can place most kinds of allowed bets at age 18. Yes, you can use spins at racinos at this age and you can place bets on horse races. But, you can play bingo at age 16. In order to visit a casino and play you must be 21 years of age or older.

The Final Word

Yes, there are legal casinos in Ohio and you can gamble here. You can play other games as well. If you like online gambling, make sure to do that at offshore sites. Check a review first to see which site offers the best perks. Don’t forget about the age limit that is mandatory to comply with and will have a huge effect on the overall experience and legality of the matter.

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