Ohio high school football playoffs price increase

(WJW) – The high school football playoffs start this weekend and if you want to see the teams play, the cost has gone up.

If you just come to the field, it’s $15 per person to see the game — cash only, no cards.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association is selling tickets on its site at a discounted price for $9 for students and $12 for adults, but there are fees.

For two adults and two students to see a game, the cost is more than $40.

At the gate it would be $60. It’s the cost associated with going to a game that has one Ohio lawmaker concerned.

“Especially for students that should be looked at as a little bit special when your team gets to the playoffs,” Ohio house speaker Jason Stephens said.

The lawmaker wants less expensive tickets for students, especially. Under a provision in the state budget, cash payment has to be offered on site for games and other ticketed school events.

But Stephens says $15 cash is a bit much for young people to pay out of pocket if they don’t or can’t go online.

“They could go five different games and by the time you travel, it could be really expensive to follow you team,” Stephens said.

So why do tickets at the gate cost more? One of the reasons is the fact that there is cash at that gate.

In a statement from the Ohio High School Athletic Association, reads in part:

“The increased cost for a cash ticket is the result of several factors, including cash sales needing more security officers, more time needed for reconciliation and accounting, and finally more time from our auditors.”

After checking with several local school districts with teams in the playoffs, most are daily encouraging people who want to cheer on their team to plan ahead and avoid paying the higher door price.

A spokesperson for Mentor Schools says they even provide a QR code at the gate so that you can use your phone to purchase cheaper online ticketst.

Meanwhile, there is no word if or when the Ohio House could move to make more changes to the price of playoff tickets for next year.

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