Ohio Law Enforcement Alert: HIV-Positive Sex Worker Reportedly Served 200 Clients

Ohio Police Issue Alert: HIV-Positive Sex Worker Reportedly Had 200 Clients, Urges Testing

Law enforcement in Ohio has reported that a sex worker, identified as Linda Leccesse, allegedly engaged in sexual activities with over 200 clients despite being aware of her HIV-positive status. According to a New York Post report, Leccesse’s interactions with clients spanned five months, from January to May 2022, coinciding with the time she discovered her HIV-positive status following a test. Soliciting most clients on Market Street in Marietta, a small city in southeast Ohio near the West Virginia border, authorities believe potentially infected individuals may be scattered along the East Coast.

“This case could stem anywhere from Florida up the East Coast, but there are local individuals that we will be reaching out to,” remarked Washington County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Mark Warden during a recent press conference.

Efforts are underway to contact known clients of Leccesse, with authorities urging anyone who may have had contact with her to come forward for testing. The Marietta/Belpre Health Department emphasized the importance of honesty and assured individuals that they provide a judgment-free and confidential environment for testing.

“Marietta/Belpre Health Department is a judgment free zone with full confidentiality,” stated Barbara Bradley, the Health Department administrator, as cited by the outlet.

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