Ohio local teen arrested for stealing guns and drugs

A local Ohio teen was arrested on suspicion of stealing from multiple vehicles, police said.

Guernsey County Sheriff Padden said the department had arrested a 15-year-old man after receiving reports of multiple thefts from vehicles along Indian Lakes Road. Even the surrounding streets on weekends.

Agents were informed that the boy lived in the area and, after questioning the boy, said they were able to confirm that he was in fact responsible for removing items from several vehicles in the Rolling Hills area. Says.

Officers were able to recover some of the stolen items, including two firearms, prescription drugs and other valuables.

The boy was transferred to the sheriff’s office, handed over to a juvenile court probation officer, and transferred to juvenile detention.

Sheriff Padden said several charges were pending against the boy and a future hearing will be held before a juvenile court judge.

https://www.wtrf.com/ohio/local-ohio-teen-arrested-after-allegedly-stealing-guns-and-meds/ Ohio local teen arrested for stealing guns and drugs

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