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OHIO Moves Forward with Campus Race to Zero Waste Challenge

Publication date: March 9, 2023

Author: Kate Harmon

The OHIO Men’s Basketball game on February 21 served as a GameDay challenge as part of OHIO Campus Recycling’s Campus Race to Zero Waste initiative. There are many events planned to engage students and community members as the eight-week effort continues.

During the basketball game, members of the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service, Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors, Campus Recycling, and community members sat at the table and helped Bobcat fans put their trash in the correct bins. After the game, we separated garbage and picked up garbage from the stands.

Two OHIO students at the GameDay Challenge
Photo by Dylan Benedict

204 pounds of waste was generated during the game, 56% of which was recovered. Of the waste collected, 80% was recycled and 20% was composted. Campus Recycling partnered with the Athens-Hocking Recycling Center (AHRC) and the compost collected from the games was shredded at the facility. This partnership will allow AHRC’s shredders to compost more products. Campus Recycling staffer Ellie Shanklin said, “It was really exciting to see a compost bin in the game to help collect more waste.”

By having ambassadors as “garbage bin goalkeepers,” you can educate the public about composting, what can be recycled, and what must be thrown away. Freshman Ambassador Lillian Keener said: It was great to have a role in educating the public on how to properly dispose of waste. ”

OHIO students take pictures after participating in the GameDay Challenge
Photo by Dylan Benedict

Sorting all your trash ensures that everything is in the correct bin. Campus Recycling can also get an idea of ​​which products are sent to landfills and can be switched to recyclable or compostable items in the future to increase the percentage of waste collected. can.

Other events that occurred during the remainder of the Campus Race to Zero Waste Challenge include:

  • Sustainability Trivia Night at The Union on February 28th
  • Rufus Recycle Day March 1 Women’s Basketball Game
  • March 6-8, an upcycled trash exhibit to educate others on how to be ‘rooted in recycling’ outside of Baker’s head
  • Plastic exhibit showing how much plastic Ohio University uses in a four-week period, March 22-24 at Howard Park

https://www.ohio.edu/news/2023/03/ohio-moves-forward-campus-race-zero-waste-challenge OHIO Moves Forward with Campus Race to Zero Waste Challenge

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