Ohio Officials Suggest Recreational Marijuana Sales Could Commence in June

Ohio Policymakers Anticipate Early Commencement of Recreational Marijuana Sales in June

In a surprising turn of events, Ohio’s rulemaking committee has paved the way for the availability of marijuana for purchase as early as mid-June, a revelation exclusively shared with News 5 by the committee’s chairperson, known for their affinity towards weed.

Despite Ohioans’ overwhelming vote in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana by a margin of 57% to 43% in November, the absence of legal avenues to purchase it has persisted in the state.

According to the guidelines laid out in Issue 2, adults aged 21 and above are permitted to smoke, vape, and consume marijuana. Additionally, individuals in Ohio can cultivate up to six plants per person, or up to 12 per household.

Originally, the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) was slated to initiate the processing of retailer applications in June, with predictions from state officials suggesting that legal marijuana sales might not materialize until late summer or fall.

However, due to swift action by the DCC, marijuana could be available for purchase within a mere two months.

State Representative Jamie Callender, who chairs the Joint Committee On Agency Rule Review (JCARR), disclosed that the committee is poised to accept proposed regulations from the DCC. Callender expressed optimism about the prospect of legal recreational marijuana sales in Ohio by mid-June, possibly before the Fourth of July weekend.

The upcoming JCARR meeting on May 13 is expected to approve one aspect of the rules, focusing on dual licensing, which would enable medical dispensaries to acquire licenses for recreational sales. Callender emphasized that the application process for dual licensing would be streamlined, leveraging the rigorous licensure process already in place for medical dispensaries.

The move is anticipated to resolve the contentious debates among Republicans regarding the implementation of marijuana sales. Although the Senate had passed a proposal in December allowing medical dispensaries to commence recreational sales immediately, the House had held back, emphasizing the importance of aligning with the will of the voters.

With the recent developments, Ohio appears poised to fulfill the voters’ mandate promptly and efficiently, marking a significant step forward in the state’s cannabis regulatory landscape.

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