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Ohio Republicans Propose Tax Exemption on Guns and Ammunition

Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) — Republicans in the Ohio House and Senate introduced a pair of bills exempting sales tax on “certain firearms and ammunition.”

The bill would also provide tax incentives for Ohio’s firearms industry makers and provide tax credits to offset federal sales taxes.

Sponsored by Rep. Al Kutrona (R-Canfield) House Bill 18910 other House Republicans signed the bill.

“We are enforcing our citizens’ constitutional rights with this law,” Mr. Cutrona said in a statement. “This will not only reduce costs for Ohio residents, but it will also help Ohio businesses.”

State Senator Tim Shaffer (R-Lancaster) is sponsoring Senate Bill 134another Republican senator also signed the Senate version.

“I am proud to work with Rep. Cutrona to eliminate burdensome taxes on Ohioans who exercise their Second Amendment rights,” Schaefer said in a statement. “This is the least we can do to make self-defense, hunting and sporting firearms more affordable for the average Ohioan.”

A House Republican spokeswoman said in a statement that the bill would “increase Ohio’s competitiveness with other states” and that, if passed, “Ohio will be able to sell goods protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.” It will be one of the first states to exempt it from sales tax.”

This pair of banknotes looks like this: Second Amendment Preservation Act Determined through the House Committee on Government Oversight. Opponents of the bill fear it will ease restrictions, but proponents say it simply protects the Second Amendment.

HB 189 has not yet been assigned to the Commission. SB 124 will be considered by the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Neither bill has yet had its first public hearing.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/ohio-gop-proposes-tax-free-guns-ammo/ Ohio Republicans Propose Tax Exemption on Guns and Ammunition

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