Ohio self-defense gun law now temporarily blocked in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Franklin County judge Wednesday issued a preliminary injunction blocking a 2019 state law that expands self-defense protections, at least for now.

More than three years after the City of Columbus first filed a lawsuit against state law, Franklin County Court Judge Stephen McIntosh granted a temporary preliminary injunction. House Bill 228.

“The court believes that issuing an injunction would serve the public interest,” McIntosh wrote in his ruling. There is no record to prove that it exerts

In the first lawsuit filed by Columbus City Attorneys, the city said HB 228 effectively barred Ohio cities and towns from promoting local ordinances to combat gun violence, and the Ohio Constitution’s “home rule.” and other doctrines.

HB228 was the first rejected by the previous governmentJohn Kasich was then forced into passage by state legislators in early 2019. This removed some of the obligation to withdraw, eliminating the need to flee by any means possible before claiming self-defense. to the public prosecutor.

City Attorney Zach Klein filed a lawsuit in the Ohio Supreme Court on Monday, Oct. 24, with the aim of enforcing McIntosh’s hand. After McIntosh failed to rule on the city’s motion against the law.

“Today’s ruling upholds constitutional home rules and upholds the right of people to reduce gun violence and promote common sense measures to keep children and communities safe. It does,” Klein said.

The city attorney’s release also said his office “looks forward to presenting its case” once the Court of Common Petitions releases its briefing schedule.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/an-ohio-self-defense-gun-law-is-now-blocked-temporarily-in-columbus/ Ohio self-defense gun law now temporarily blocked in Columbus

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