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Ohio Senate race: Republican primary is close in polls

Columbus, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) — Ohio’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate race could be headed for a photo shootout, according to a new poll.

On March 19, the Republican candidates for the Senate primary will be state Sen. Matt Dolan, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, and businessman Bernie Moreno. The winner will face incumbent Sherrod Brown in the Nov. 5 general election.

Here’s how last week unfolded.

House members support Moreno

Rep. Byron Donald (R-Fla.) endorsed Moreno. Since winning the presidential election, Moreno has received significant support from elected officials across the country. Support of former President Donald Trump.

“The path for Republicans to regain control of the U.S. Senate runs through Ohio,” Donald said. “That’s why it’s important to nominate the right candidate.”

President Trump had previously nominated Donald as one of his running mates.

Mr. LaRose asked about his affiliation

LaRose was questioned by Republicans, including Moreno and Donald Trump Jr., over her alleged ties to No Labels, a political group whose mission is centrism and bipartisan support.

The alleged email leak showed a Zoom call between LaRose and the group was set up for Tuesday, but LaRose never showed up.larose campaign denied the rumors. The campaign did not respond to NBC4’s repeated requests for clarification.

Opinion polls show Republicans in a close race

A SurveyUSA poll sponsored by the Center for Election Science showed just how close the race is. With a confidence interval of 4.3% (equivalent to SurveyUSA’s margin of error), candidates were rated as follows:

  • Moreno: 29%
  • Dolan: 27%
  • Larose: 21%
  • Undecided: 23%

Republicans, third debate

Republican candidates met on a debate stage in Cincinnati. In their opening remarks, LaRose and Moreno tried to portray themselves as the only true conservatives in the race.

“They’re both trying really hard to convince people that they’re conservatives,” LaRose said. “I think you know better.”

“Do you want a senator who supports President Trump, a senator who can support President Trump, or do you want a faction of the party like Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney?” Moreno said.

Dolan focused instead on his own record.

“I’m running for the Senate because I want to continue what I’ve done in my public and private life,” Dolan said. “That means working hard every day for you, because I know when Ohio will feel better, business will be better, education will be better and our streets will be safer. ”

During the debate, LaRose discussed responding to those who say the economy is in good shape under President Joe Biden.

“Who is it good for? If you’re living off a stock portfolio or a trust fund, this economy might be OK,” LaRose said.

After portraying his opponent as anti-Trump in his opening remarks, Moreno doubled down on his support for the former president.

“President Trump is a good person,” Moreno said. “The idea that I support his policies but not his personality is a bunch of BS that gets talked about in the media.”

When it comes to border security, Dolan offered a drastic strategy.

“I have a patient who is bleeding on the table and wants to talk to me about cosmetic surgery,” Dolan said. “Until we are ready to defend this country, we must stop immigration into this country.”

Dolan begins tour

Dolan has embarked on a five-day, 16-stop “No Nonsense” tour. According to a campaign release, the tour will spotlight Brown, LaRose and Moreno’s “constant nonsense,” “negative attacks” and “lack of focus on Ohio.”

The tour will also highlight Dolan’s conservative record and introduce new supporters.

Brown Group announces fundraising activities

Friends of Sherrod Brown announced that the campaign has raised nearly $5.7 million in the first two months of 2024. A campaign finance report from early February shows Brown save money before the general election.

Rachel Petrie, campaign manager for the Friends of Sherrod Brown, said: “The group of unaffiliated rich people vying to run against Mr. Sherrod is no match for the thousands of supporters who are supporting his re-election.” .

Former Ohio senator endorses Dolan

Dolan announced that he has received the support of former U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and his wife Jane Portman. Mr. Portman preceded Sen. J.D. Vance in the Ohio Senate opposite Mr. Brown until his retirement in 2023.

“After much consideration, we feel that Matt Dolan’s conservative record and continued focus on getting results in the United States Senate sets him apart,” the Portmans said in a statement.

Senators support Moreno

Indiana gubernatorial candidate and U.S. Sen. Mike Braun also endorsed Moreno.

“Washington needs more entrepreneurs and outsiders who put America first,” Brown said in a post on X.

https://www.wdtn.com/news/your-local-election-hq/u-s-senate-race-in-ohio-poll-shows-close-republican-primary/ Ohio Senate race: Republican primary is close in polls

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