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Ohio train derailment leaves animals sick, raising health concerns

East Palestine, Ohio (WKBN) — Health Concerns Are Growing eastern palestine as reported an increase in animals get sick and even dieA train derailment is not only painful for animals, but also for their owners.

Taylor Holzer and his family run Parker Dairy just outside the original evacuation zone. Holzer is registered as a fox keeper with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Several of his foxes broke their legs trying to escape after the first derailment. One of his foxes also died.

“Out of nowhere, he started coughing very hard and then quickly shut down and had liquid diarrhea that went very quickly,” says Holzer.

He says all the foxes have been sick and behaving differently since the weekend. Some people have unusually puffy faces and are not eating properly. Many people are dealing with stomach problems and act lethargic.

“This is not what a fox does. He’s so weak and limp. His eyes are so watery and watery,” says Holzer.

Some foxes roam rapidly in the enclosure.

Holzer says the train derailment is causing all these problems.

“The smoke and chemicals from the trains are the only things it could be responsible for, because it doesn’t come out of nowhere,” says Holzer. “The chemicals we are told are safe in the air, it is definitely not safe for animals or people. ”

He wants justice for the animals and people of Eastern Palestine.

“People’s cats get sick and die, and the other birds of the people at home could not be evacuated. It’s just not safe for them,” says Holzer.

Owners of dead animals should undergo an autopsy to determine the animal’s cause of death. Please contact your veterinarian for more information.

https://www.wdtn.com/news/ohio/health-concerns-mounting-as-animals-become-sick-after-ohio-train-derailment/ Ohio train derailment leaves animals sick, raising health concerns

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