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Ohio Turnpike ‘Name-a-Snowplow’ Winners Announced

** See earlier coverage of how the Ohio Department of Transportation is preparing snowplows for winter work.

Berea, Ohio (WJW) — 8 Snowplow to clear ohio turnpike This winter just got a bit of a unique character.

Ohio Turnpike Commission on Friday 8 winners announced In the second annual Name-a-Snowplow contest. please:

  • Ctrl-Salt-Delete Nicole G.
  • blizzard wizard Jacqueline F.
  • Plow Chika Plow Wow Joshua K.
  • You’re Killin Me Squall Linda V.
  • big leprovsky Matthew S.
  • oz blizzard Annette B.
  • Ohio Thaw Act enacted Jonathan H.
  • cleopatra Samantha S.

One plow at each of the Turnpike’s eight maintenance buildings gets one of the names. This includes facilities in Amherst, Boston and Hiram, as well as facilities in Erie, Fulton, Mahoning, Ottawa and Williams counties.

“Drivers should take all precautions to avoid passing snowplows and allow extra space for crews to clear the road. Commission Executive Director Ferzan Ahmed is quoted in the release. “The safest place on the road is behind the snowplow.”

According to the news release, each winner will receive a $100 cash gift card. Committee There were over 5,500 entries between October 24th and November 20th. The top 50 were put up for public voting, which ended on December 2nd, with over 1,100 votes cast.

The contest took place when the commission conducted an annual inspection of all plows and equipment.

“Snowplow crews are available at all times to maintain 1,395 lane miles, 31 toll interchanges and 14 service plazas on the Ohio Turnpike across 13 northern Ohio counties,” Ahmed said. Quoted in release. “The entire Ohio Turnpike, at his current level of personnel and equipment in eight maintenance buildings, could allow him to plow once an hour.”

Crews dealt with 55 winter storms last year, working more than 32,000 hours to clear lanes, one more than the previous season. They used over 309,000 gallons of his deicing fluid (more than average) and he used 56,000 tons of salt (less than average).

https://fox8.com/news/here-are-ohio-turnpikes-name-a-snowplow-winners/ Ohio Turnpike ‘Name-a-Snowplow’ Winners Announced

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