Ohio wanted man tells police to search Facebook ‘faster’

Newark, Ohio (WCMH) – A convicted felon in Ohio was humorous on Tuesday when local police enlisted help in catching him.

newark police station Posted on Facebook Tanner Reinhart, 20, had an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court for probation violations. But Reinhart didn’t hesitate to reply to the Newark police post from his account. The post was met with laughter from more than 100 other users.

“The other day everyone (me) almost killed me, but I have to do it sooner than that[sic],” Reinhart wrote.

According to Licking County, Reinhart’s probation violation stemmed from a charge of disobeying a police officer’s order on February 26, 2023. According to Licking County, Reinhart was originally on a year’s probation in a November 2021 lawsuit in which he was convicted of receiving stolen goods. District Court Clerk’s Office.

Court records show Reinhart was arrested but released on bail for failing to charge and pleading guilty to violating probation. Because he failed to show up for sentencing on April 13, a judge issued an arrest warrant the next day with a cash bond of $10,000.

However, Reinhart appeared willing to negotiate with the fleeing police in his later comments on the police post.

“What would you get if you turned yourself in,” Reinhart wrote. “They made a deal that I could turn myself in to.”

Several other Facebook users cited options such as “free rent and food” and “sticking a stamped envelope to your house once a month.” Not everyone found Reinhart’s antics humorous, with one user saying, “He’s young enough to turn his life around and solve his problems.”

Reinhart pleaded guilty in April 2022. He was eight days away from the end of his one-year probation period, and was arrested in March for most recent prosecution failures. If arrested by Newark police for a probation violation, he would have to serve the remaining 50 days of his pending 90-day prison sentence, according to a Licking County court clerk.

Reinhart is no stranger to the Licking County court system. A series of charges have been filed against him over the past two years, including a felony larceny plea in January 2022 in Licking County General Argument Court.

Reinhart’s previous charges of armed use with disability, robbery, domestic violence and aggravated intimidation were all dismissed.

As of Tuesday evening, police did not say if Reinhart was in custody.

https://www.wtrf.com/ohio/wanted-ohio-man-tells-police-to-be-quicker-looking-for-him-on-facebook-post/ Ohio wanted man tells police to search Facebook ‘faster’

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