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‘Ohio’s Strongest’ fitness competition by Iron Fit Crew in Struthers, Ohio honors local ‘warrior princess’ Nora Sabella who died of cancer

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – On Saturday, competitors traveled to Struthers for a strongest man or woman contest to raise money in the name of a local girl who passed away from cancer.

This is the fourth year for the “Ohio’s Strongest” competition presented by Iron Fit Crew. Men and women come to the area for a chance to qualify at the national level as well as raise money for a great cause.

This year, the community came together for Nora Sabella, a 9-year-old girl from Boardman who passed away from cancer in April.

“We called Nora our ‘warrior princess’ and she has made such a huge impact with this community of people just from them meeting her through social media,” said Amy Sabella, Nora’s mother.

Amy says her daughter was sassy and strong, and even through her cancer diagnosis, Nora took every opportunity to play and be a kid.

“We have had this community, the Youngstown area support us so much and people came to Nora’s funeral and just said how much Nora had impacted them,” Amy said.

Amy says she is grateful to the competitors who came out to break records for Nora.

“Whether you’re battling a physical illness, mental illness, anything, that’s the importance to get out there because it will help you clear your head, help you sleep better, makes you feel better, and it’s a great community,” said event organizer Alex Ankerman.

Ankerman says everyone who competes does it to better themselves and each other. Event contests included sandbag to shoulder, deadlift and yoke walk to log press.

Struthers Mayor Cat Miller went to support the event.

“How important it is to have the fitness and be involved in different things like this in your community and get out and workout and lift and really be a part of everything going on,” she said.

“Thank you to Alex and Dylan and all of the strong men and women that came out today and broke records for Nora. This is just such an amazing event,” Amy said.

All proceeds from the event go to Nora’s family. Event organizers say they are still taking donations, just email dylan@ironfitcrew.com for more information.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/struthers-news/fitness-competition-honors-local-warrior-princess-who-died-of-cancer/ ‘Ohio’s Strongest’ fitness competition by Iron Fit Crew in Struthers, Ohio honors local ‘warrior princess’ Nora Sabella who died of cancer

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