Online Sports Betting in Ohio

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has released its first set of proposed sports betting rules and a timeframe for regulations and applications, bringing the state one step closer to allowing sports betting.

Those engaged in the process believe that sports betting in Ohio will not be available in time for the 2022 NFL season, thus the most probable debut date is January 1, 2023, according to this schedule.

After Gov. Mike DeWine signed bill HB29 into law, sports betting became legal in Ohio. Despite the fact that this occurred only days before Christmas, sports betting in Ohio has yet to begin.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission’s deputy executive director, Rick Anthony, predicts that sports betting will be available in Ohio as early as January 1, 2023. Legislation that was enacted earlier this month requires the commission to complete all essential processes for market debut by January 1, 2023, and it seems that the process will take every bit of that time.

The first set of proposed betting regulations from the OCCC was released this week, but January 1, 2023, still seems to be the most probable debut date.

Ohio Sports Betting History

Senate Bill 176 was introduced in May 2021, and several hearings were completed in a short period of time in order to meet the June 30th approval date.

A modified version of House Bill 29 (HB 29) was approved by the House of Representatives in mid-June, and it was passed by the Senate on the same day the House passed the bill.

Many Ohioans had anticipated that sports betting would be legalized in time for the next football season, but that did not happen. As a consequence of lawmakers failing to meet the June 30th deadline, the date has been postponed until autumn.

In late 2021, Gov. DeWine signed Senate Bill 72-12 into law, which had been approved by both houses of the state legislature the previous year.

The Ohio Gaming Control Commission (OCCC) subsequently issued the first set of sports betting standards in January, with many in the industry predicting that sports betting in Ohio will commence on January 1, 2023, as the most likely date.

Ohio online sports betting sites

While Ohio natives still cannot bet on sports in their state, it is unclear as to how many sportsbooks will be available in the state once sports betting is signed into law.

However, until that time comes, one can still make use of the offshore betting sites available all around the internet. There is a huge variety of betting sites to choose from, however, it is important to choose the most ideal one for the type of betting preferred. At the moment there are many betting sites providing outstanding bonus offers, in fact, some OH sportsbooks offer $5 grand in bonuses, and such offers and promotions will give players a competitive edge once they get started placing the wagers.

Ohio Sports Teams to bet on

Major towns such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus have a wealth of professional sports teams to choose from. Additionally, there are a large number of successful collegiate sports teams in Ohio that play professional sports.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are an NBA team headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, that competes in the Eastern Conference during the regular season. The Cleveland Cavaliers won just one NBA championship in 2016, despite the fact that they have dominated the league since the turn of the twenty-first century.

Every Cavaliers game this season will be available for wagering, and you may also wager on the Cavaliers’ performance in the Eastern Conference, the NBA championship, and their playoff qualifying.

Cincinnati Bengals

With its state rival, the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals compete in the National Football League’s AFC North division. As with the Cleveland Browns, Bengals head coach Paul Brown was instrumental in the team’s formation, and the Bengals have battled throughout their existence as a professional football team, much like Cleveland.

During the season, you will have the opportunity to wager on all of the Bengals’ games, with the possibility of betting on Cincinnati to win the AFC North, qualify for the Super Bowl, and make the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns

As members of the AFC North division, the Cleveland Browns are named after the team’s first coach and co-founder, Paul Brown. The Browns participate in the National Football League. The Browns have only made it to the postseason once since 2003, and they are one of just a handful of teams that have never competed in a Super Bowl.

All of the Browns’ games for the current season, as well as the Browns’ odds of winning the Super Bowl, winning the AFC North, and winning the AFC, will be available for wagering.


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