Paramedic injured after car didn’t move out of the way


It’s an accident that could have been avoided, but instead it injured a local first responder.

Recently a paramedic with the TEMS Joint Ambulance District was hurt after a car did not pull off the roadway for the rig to get through, causing them to abruptly stop.

Chief Clark Crago says it happened on State Route 7 while the paramedic was treating a patient en route to the hospital.

Ohio law requires all drivers to move over when approaching any vehicle with flashing or rotating lights parked on the roadside.

“Unfortunately an ambulance is like a truck it takes a little more of a distance to stop. You should never slam your brakes on in front of an ambulance no matter how startled you are or whatever. Always pull to the right and leave that by. Remember there’s something bad going on in an emergency vehicle if they have their lights and sirens on.”

Chief Clark Crago – Director of Operations TEMS Joint Ambulance District.

Chief Crago says it doesn’t take much time or effort to just pull off and let emergency vehicles pass.

He says this incident could have been a lot worse and could have impacted at least three families.

The paramedic who was injured is still recovering.

https://www.wtrf.com/jefferson-county/paramedic-injured-after-car-didnt-move-out-of-the-way-first-responders-warn-drivers-to-move-over/ Paramedic injured after car didn’t move out of the way

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