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Pentagon leak suspect’s family says they support him

The family of the Massachusetts Air National Guard accused of leaking top-secret Pentagon documents said they “stand with us in solidarity and support” with the 21-year-old boy a day after a judge detained him.

First Airman Jack Teixeira, assigned to the 102nd Intelligence Wing, has been indicted under the Espionage Act on one of two counts against him. According to court records, the count deals with defense intelligence and classified documents or materials.

“His parents and extended family are united in solidarity and support for Jack Teixeira through this extremely difficult and confusing ordeal,” Teixeira’s family said in a statement. his April 13 arrest.

A federal judge on Thursday refused to immediately release Teixeira from pending trial custody but did not rule on the case.

Judge David Hennessy did not rule, but defended himself after being advised by the prosecutor and Teixeira’s defense. No ruling had been handed down as of Friday night, according to online court records.

Teixeira has not yet filed a petition.

Teixeira reportedly used Discord. This is an online forum originally used by video game enthusiasts as a chat platform.share leaked information with his small community of online friends.

Prosecutors allege that Teixeira was “participated in the incredibly large-scale and harmful dissemination of classified national defense information.” In their motion to keep him in custody, they referred to information posted on social media platforms but did not name him.

Prosecutors said Teixeira was an information technology support specialist by nature, but since February 2022, he began accessing hundreds of classified documents containing national defense intelligence.

The suspect posted government information online in December, prosecutors wrote in the detention complaint.Prosecutor too raised the possibility He may have access to other confidential information that has not been made public.

In a statement on Friday, Teixeira’s family thanked family and friends for their support.

“We know there are more questions than answers at this time and we hope that Jack will receive the fair and just treatment that has been given to him during this investigation. His health and safety are now at stake.” It is and will continue to be our number one priority,” the family said.

in the case prompt Questions from lawmakers In Washington, DC, about handling classified documents and who has access to them.

Court records show Teixeira is charged with unauthorized retention and transmission of defense information and unauthorized deletion and retention of classified documents or materials.

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/family-pentagon-leak-suspect-say-re-supporting-rcna82079 Pentagon leak suspect’s family says they support him

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