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Pickerington City Council Hears 212-Acre Development Proposal

After passing through the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission and Service Commission, residential and commercial development proposals are sent to the City Council.

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Proposal to convert over 200 acres of farmland into new development Pickerington City Council on tuesday.

Lori Kelly said, “I think it’s probably a foregone conclusion.

Kelly and her husband, Kelly McClellan, have lived near Pickerington Road for 18 years.

“Once they sorted out the Ps and Qs, the message was consistently clear,” says McClellan. “We are moving forward with this.”

The 212-acre land purchased by the City of Pickerington in 2018 could soon be filled with residential and commercial properties.

“We know that will probably affect our property values,” McClellan said. “It will affect our quality of life and it just doesn’t fit the area.”

I’m not against development as long as it makes sense.

The proposal, they say, could potentially strain cities that are already seeing population surges that school systems are struggling to keep up with. Nevertheless, McClellan says city leaders won’t listen.

“Don’t you know development is coming?” McClellan said in a voice as if someone was speaking to him in a childish tone. That’s the way it’s been given to us.

The city says the development is consistent with its overarching plans. Tuesday’s efforts to get an interview with Mayor Lee Gray went unanswered. City Manager Greg Butcher replied that he would attend the meeting all afternoon.

The matter has already passed through the City Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Service Commission. On Tuesday, the issue will be considered by the city council.

McClellan and Kelly say they know change is imminent, especially as demolition crews begin demolishing unsafe buildings on the proposed property.

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https://www.10tv.com/article/news/local/pickerington-city-council-hear-of-212-acre-development-proposal/530-388ffb8a-98dc-49e5-a29f-dc4effc969e1 Pickerington City Council Hears 212-Acre Development Proposal

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