Pickleball injuries on the rise across Ohio

Doctors recommend playing relaxed for the first few times and stretching before playing.

Columbus, Ohio — Pickleball leagues here in Central Ohio are filling up for the summer, and as they fill up, so do their doctor’s appointments.

With Dr. Greg Cvetanovic Ohio State Wexner Medical Center He said he treats patients weekly with a variety of pickleball injuries. Such appointments have become very frequent over the past three years.

“You probably see several new patients each week with pickleball-related injuries, especially in the warmer months, and often it affects other parts of your life. Sleep.” It can get in the way and interfere with some of your work,” Dr. Cvetanovic said.

It treats a wide variety of problems such as ankle injuries, knee problems and even rotator cuff problems. Dr Tsvetanovic said the investigations were of varying severity. Moreover, they are spread across all age groups, including teenagers.

“Every age feels an injury a little differently! I see it,” he said.

If you’re unsure about giving pickleball a try, doctors recommend relaxing for the first few tries and stretching before playing.

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