Plane leaving Columbus, Ohio, catches fire and lands safely

Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) — A plane leaving John Glenn International Airport caught fire on Sunday morning and had to complete an emergency landing.

According to the airport release, the plane was reported to have an engine fire mid-flight at about 8:00 am. An emergency crew was dispatched to the airport around that time as the plane landed safely in Johnglen.

NBC4 spoke with passengers on the plane who said it was an American Airlines flight heading to Phoenix. A passenger told NBC4 that the flight’s pilot told him a flock of geese flew into the engine, possibly causing an engine fire.

Passenger John Fisher said, “Apparently we hit a flock of geese and the engine started making a lot of noise.” “Finally they cut the engine, turned around and headed back to the airport.”

Fischer added that the pilot said he could not avoid the herd and lost the right engine.

A video of the plane from a viewer can be seen in the player below.

Teddy Nemnatis said he heard the plane before he looked up and saw fire. “I was just brewing coffee this morning when I heard a loud noise outside,” said Nemnatis. “It sounded like the car was backfiring, so I quickly went out onto the balcony and looked up to see a low-flying American Airlines jet with flames coming out of its engine.”

A spokesperson confirmed to NBC4 that federal authorities will investigate the incident further.

Airport officials said the emergency landing caused minor flight delays and the airport remained open during the incident.

No further information is known at this time.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/plane-departing-from-columbus-airport-lands-safely-after-catching-fire-while-in-the-air/ Plane leaving Columbus, Ohio, catches fire and lands safely

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