‘Points’ 5K Run/Walk Race at White House Orchards Raises Over $13,000 for Mahoning Valley Rescue Efforts

canfield, ohio (WKBN) — As part of their efforts to continue serving their communities and bringing people together, the Mahoning Valley Rescue Mission hosted a “Point” 5K run/walk on Saturday to raise money.

this is Annual event for the mission, and all the money raised will help further that cause. This year’s race was held at the White House Fruit Farm in Canfield.

“It’s a shortened version of the regular 5K with a donut stop in the middle,” said John McCridge, CEO of Rescue Mission.

Rescue missions provide not only housing but also food, resources, classes, and faith-based teachings for the down-on-his.

“Fulfill our purpose of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, promoting accountability, and providing food and shelter for our homeless neighbors,” Macridge said.

“The Lord has been very kind to us over the years through the generosity of the community,” Ms. Macridge said. “I see all the people here coming to support the mission to participate in this half-kilometer race.”

Community members of all ages participated on Saturday. For some, including Cindy Smith, it was a first.

“Honestly, I just wanted to be part of something useful,” Smith said. “With a little exercise, you can meet different people with the same kind of mission.”

Smith said he was grateful for his small contribution.

The mission’s CEO explained why fundraising activities like this are important to the organization’s cause.

“We receive no government assistance. Our rescue missions are run by donations from individuals, local churches, local foundations and local businesses,” Macridge said.

The event raised approximately $13,640.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/canfield-news/point-5k-raises-over-13k-for-rescue-mission/ ‘Points’ 5K Run/Walk Race at White House Orchards Raises Over $13,000 for Mahoning Valley Rescue Efforts

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