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Police investigating vandalism at Pride Bench in Cleveland Heights.

The city removed the benches, repainted them, and replaced them.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio — Cleveland Heights Mayor Khalil Seren said he was disappointed after the rainbow-painted Pride benches at Forest Hill Park were vandalized.

“It breaks my heart to see the negative and hostile nature of some people in our community reacting to a symbol of acceptance and love.

Destroyers painted bright benches in green and black.

“We will not submit. We will not allow this kind of hostility, bigotry and homophobia to get in our way. We will continue to send a message to the people of Cleveland Heights that everyone is welcome here.” said Selene.

Selene told 3News that the city has installed benches in all major parks to publicly symbolize inclusivity and diversity within the community.

“We created these benches because we know members of our community that we love are under attack,” Selene said. I want them to know that they are welcome to

Some residents of the city agreed.

“They’re trying to be inclusive, they’re trying to include everyone, the whole community. It shouldn’t be a problem,” Leon Pickney said.

The city removed the benches, repainted them and replaced them, sending a message to the vandals that hate was not welcome in the city.

Kirby Broadnax said, “Resistance to oppression has been around for as long as humans have existed, and we’re still dealing with exactly the same things we’ve been dealing with for so long.

Broadnax said he lives near Cleveland and frequents Cleveland Heights. She called the crime a farce and shared her views.

“OhMy black friends had experiences that they didn’t feel included,” Broadnax said, referring to a time when she and her friends were treated differently at a local store in Cleveland Heights. mentioned.

The city said police are investigating the vandalism and will determine if it is a hate crime.

“The LGBTQ community is an important part of the Cleveland Heights community and we do not endorse this,” Selene said.

Broadnax urged the city to consider longer-term solutions rather than legal action or fines.

Broadnax said, “It’s an opportunity to really understand what was going on under the action, to engage in dialogue and build understanding around the impact of that action.”

https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/cuyahoga-county/police-investigate-vandalization-pride-bench-cleveland-heights/95-b9263cc2-c158-46dd-9a53-c93a96af0669 Police investigating vandalism at Pride Bench in Cleveland Heights.

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