Pool closure means new home for swim club and residents

Miamisburg, Ohio (WDTN) — As local pools prepare for the upcoming swim season and roll out season pass sales, there's one facility that isn't.

Visitors to the Sycamore Trails Aquatic Center are greeted with a “pool closed” sign, which has some people looking elsewhere to swim this summer.

The aquatic center will remain open this season as we work on plans to address critical plumbing infrastructure failures. One option being considered is replacing the plumbing.

“There is one project where we are replacing something that we know is broken, a pipe. The pool is affected, but it will be rebuilt so that it is essentially the exact same geometry, footprint and all. Miamisburg Parks and Recreation Director Ryan Davis said.

They recently put together a survey of residents about what they would like to see if the facility was rebuilt.

“We need to understand what the re-envisioned facility will look like, what residents potentially want, what the price range will be, and the timing of construction. And we want to understand what the impacts are going to be so we can make the most informed decision. It's possible,” Davis said.

A short drive away, Wilson Park Pool in West Carrollton is offering discounted preseason passes to Miamisburg residents and hopes to see some new faces.

“It's always nice. Pools are hard to make money on. So, you know, we see this as an opportunity for us to introduce pools to people who don't normally come to them.” said West Carrollton Parks and Recreation Director Christian Mattingly.

The closure also means the Miamisburg Barracudas Swim Club will need a new home for practice. They are scheduled to practice at the Wilson Park pool.

“I think they're pretty used to our pool because we host the swimming championships every year. So, yeah, the kids are used to our pool, so we've got them are welcome to practice, and they will have fun there, too,” Mattingly said.

The city of Miamisburg is moving forward with its plans and hopes to make a decision on what the future of the aquatic center will be by this summer.

“We are looking at making a decision fairly early, within the June or July deadline, so that we can begin the design process no matter what direction we choose. “I think it's going to focus on some level of service that's available to people. We don't know exactly what that will look like yet,” Davis said.

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