Quiet night, snow on the way

The beginning of a quiet weekend ends. A low pressure system will sweep through the area with a shower of snow on Sunday. Snow starts falling in the morning and continues until evening. The Miami Valley is expected to be one to three inches by Monday morning. Temperatures in the 30s will continue throughout the day tomorrow. The sun will be visible early in the week with clear skies on Monday and Tuesday. A brief rise in temperatures on Tuesday, then more rain, and a chance of snow on Wednesday (beware of the low temperature transitions). Temperatures will return to near freezing in the second half of the week.

tonight: Minimum temperature 30 degrees. Mostly cloudy sky.
tomorrow: The maximum temperature is 33 degrees. Snow showers are possible.
tomorrow night: Minimum temperature 30 degrees. It may snow.

https://www.wdtn.com/weather/daily-forecast/quiet-night-snow-on-the-way/ Quiet night, snow on the way

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