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Real horsepower: Runaway horse found galloping down America’s longest highway | Ohio

driver of clevelandIn Ohio, two horses were spotted running free on Interstate 90, the nation’s longest highway, on Saturday.

The two horses temporarily backed up traffic over the weekend after escaping from a Cleveland police stable and heading onto a highway.

Surveillance video posted online by Ohio The Department of Transportation footage showed two horses weaving between cars in oncoming traffic. Following a police car with flashing lights, the horses turned into the grass and disappeared from sight.

“Today we can confirm that two Cleveland Police Department horses accidentally strayed during routine grooming and exercise,” said Police Sergeant Wilfredo Diaz. Said.he went on to say addition“Mounted officers quickly recovered both horses, ensuring their safety and no further incidents occurred.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation wrote in a Twitter/X caption accompanying the surveillance video: Are you injured? neigh. “

Cleveland’s mounted police team currently has eight horses and eight officers. according to Its website. The horses’ names are Breeze, Checks, Jim, Larry, George, Mandy, Jack, and Nemo.

The names of those responsible for Saturday’s escape and joyride have not been released. It remains unclear whether they will be charged in the case.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2024/mar/03/two-horses-on-highway-cleveland-ohio-interstate-90 Real horsepower: Runaway horse found galloping down America’s longest highway | Ohio

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