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Recuva vs. Disk Drill: Which Data Recovery Software to Choose?

There is a growing need for technology and the innovations that come with it. Besides, the world Covid-19 pandemic has significantly sparked the need for remote work. As a result, there is a rising use of computers and computer software which has caused an increase in the number of computer software vendors.

With this kind of trend, computer users, whether private or company workers, must be very careful with the data they handle. Or, they must integrate versatile data recovery solutions to safeguard the files and documents they take from accidental loss. But which of them is the best?

Some of the most versatile apps you can use include Disk Drill and Recuva. In this article, we Recuva and Disk Drill to understand their features and help you choose the best. This discussion will also help you understand how data recovery software works.

Recuva File Recovery

Recuva File Recovery software developed by Piriform Ltd and SP is a versatile data recovery software that is top-ranked in the market.

It offers simple solutions to recover lost files from several types of storage devices. Whether the files have been accidentally deleted or lost due to a hard disk crash, the software will help you get them back. You can recover music, pictures, videos, documents, emails, or any other type of files lost.

Also, Recuva is seamlessly compatible with Windows and macOS. It supports data recovery for pc, deep scan for buried files, and can be used to delete files securely.


  • Easy to use wizard that even asks important questions
  • Available in a portable version
  • Quick standard scan and optional deep scan
  • Recover data from different devices such as USB, hard drives, memory cards, MP3 players, and BD/DVD/CD even if they are corrupted or damaged
  • Can securely overwrite files
  • Supports larger drives up to 3TB


  • It comes as installable and portable versions
  • It contains both a simple wizard and advanced options
  • Supports more Windows operating systems
  • It runs on Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Vista, and XP


  • The installer sometimes tries to add other programs to your computer
  • No updates since 2016

Disk Drill

Disk drill Data Recovery is one of the best Recuva alternatives used to secure and even regain possession data that have been accidentally deleted or lost from PC. It is fast and easy to use and comes with up to 500MB free of data recovery that users can enjoy.


  • It allows users to create image files. Some of the formats supported include IMG, ISO, or DMG.
  • It supports hundreds of file formats.
  • It fully supports various file systems such as EXT4.
  • It can mount scan results as a folder.
  • It offers quick scan solutions with the option to stop/resume in the middle of scans.

How Does Disk Drill Work?

Disk drill Developed by Cleverfiles recovers files from both internal and external drives, including photo recovery. It is pretty easy to use.

To work with it, download and install the software, then run to recover lost files. To retrieve documents, the primary window program offers you several files in a preview to make it easier to select and restore.

Choose the files you need, and Disk Drill will do the rest for you.

Is Disk Drill Free?

The software has a free version and a paid one. The free version gives you up to 500MBs of recovery data.

On the other hand, the pro version comes with limitless data use if the free version does not work well for you.


  • Works on Windows and Mac
  • User-friendly interface
  • It supports all the available disk-based storage devices
  • Data protection and backup features are available


  • The Pro version is expensive
  • The free version recovers only 500 MBs

So, Which Is Better?

Generally speaking, both Recuva and Disk Drill offer great features that make your data recovery process seamless. However, Recuva only works on Windows and has not been updated since 2016. You need data recovery software with up-to-date features and support for a variety of devices. That is why we choose Disk Drill by CleverFiles for all data recovery needs.

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