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Recycling events engage communities and set records

The group has raised over £20,000. of recyclable glass in an hour on Saturday morning. The old record was around £5,500.

Toledo, Ohio — £20,970 – This was a record-breaking amount of glass collected at the Imagination Station on Saturday.

feat verified by organization Guinness World Records.

The record challenge was well-suited to Toledo, which has a proven track record of being environmentally responsible and has a long-standing relationship with materials.

“This year is the International Year of Glass. It’s a win for man.” CEO of Imagination Station.

imagination station A large group of environmentally interested volunteers affiliated with Metroparks Toledo and the Toledo Lucas County Public Libraryand nearly 20 record-breaking restaurants.

The community was also invited to deposit glass bottles at the Imagination Station on Saturday morning.

“It’s nice to pull over with really old bottles from time to time. It’s really interesting to see what the people of Toledo are consuming, a lot of root beer,” says volunteer Andrew Newby. said.

The Imagination Station and its volunteers set a new record of £5,478. 7oz held in Guadalajara, Spain.

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https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/glass-collecting-record-shattered-at-imagination-station-on-sunday-morning/512-2356852b-8b7b-4364-add5-9d66d9e8168e Recycling events engage communities and set records

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