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Rep. Bob Young of Green, Ohio charged with domestic violence

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AkronOhio (WJW) — A Summit County A grand jury indicted a state legislator. Bob YoungR-32nd, who? accused of beating his wife during their dispute green Returned to Japan on July 7th.

The grand jury returned a first-degree misdemeanor indictment. domestic violence A news release from the county prosecutor said there had been an assault. sherry bevan walsh.

The charge will be remanded to a lower court as it is a misdemeanor. Barberton City Courtindicted by Barberton City Attorney’s Officeaccording to the release.

Young’s wife said: Summit County Sheriff’s Deputy The incident began around 1:00 am on Friday, July 7th. She intervened when Ms. Young began “yelling at her friends” at her home on Greensburg Road in Greene.

“Robert then grabbed her arm and punched her on the left side of her face with his open hand,” the report said.

Another of Young’s relatives claims he assaulted her that day, prosecutors said.

Young’s wife “seeked safe haven” from her husband at her brother-in-law’s house later that morning, according to an arrest report released last week. The men got into a scuffle and Young was pushed through a glass shutter, according to the report.

Young was also charged in a lower court with a fourth degree felony of obstructing public service for throwing a cell phone into a swimming pool when his wife threatened to call 911.

“A grand jury considered all evidence and determined that two misdemeanors were the appropriate charges in this case,” the prosecutor’s spokesperson said in a statement.

Young, 41, was released after posting 10% of his $5,000 bail after being arraigned in lower court on Saturday, July 8, according to court records. A criminal protection order has been issued.

Young issued the following statement Tuesday through his communications consulting firm:

In the wake of the tragic events of July 7th, inaccurate and unfair speculation abounded on social media and beyond. As this is a case currently being fought in court, I cannot discuss the details.

But I can say this. No one is above the law, and that includes me. I expect other residents of Summit County to be treated the same as they are in a similar situation.

These days, I underestimate Christ as a priority in my family life. I love my wife and family and they are most important to me. As a state legislator and his busy family of six, my life has been very stressful lately. We had a drink at home that night and I behaved badly and said things I shouldn’t have said. My actions were not criminal, but they were inappropriate and inappropriate. I apologize to everyone involved, especially my wife and children. I apologize to all voters.

I am proud to serve the people of my district and will continue to serve them as we work through these issues. I know there are better days ahead. Therefore, I am voluntarily participating in a counseling program to address some of the issues that led to this incident.

I ask that people of an open mind allow me and my family to personally deal with this matter and withhold judgment until all the facts are clear.

Statement by Ohio Congressman Bob Young

Young denied any “press ties” outside of Tuesday’s statement, according to an email from the company. Fox 8 News also reached out to Young’s attorney for comment.

Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives Jason Stevens The 93rd-ranked Republican congressman from Kittshill said earlier this month that he had called for Mr Young’s resignation following the incident.

Young is currently in his second term in the Ohio House of Representatives, serving the 32nd congressional district, which includes parts of southern Summit County, according to the House of Representatives. His biography on the Ohio House website. He will be first elected in 2020 and his term will expire at the end of 2024.

https://fox8.com/news/ohio-lawmaker-addresses-his-domestic-violence-indictment/ Rep. Bob Young of Green, Ohio charged with domestic violence

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