Report: Boat, trailer seized in Cleveland fishing scandal

A boat and trailer implicated in an alleged fishing scandal in Cleveland have been seized at Chase Kominski’s Hermitage, Pennsylvania residence.

Mercer County, Pennsylvania — Investigating the Controversy Surrounding Cleveland Fishing Tournament Last Month It reportedly led to the seizure of boats and trailers involving Pennsylvania.

according to NBC Sister Station 21 News WFMJthe seizure occurred Tuesday morning at Chase Kominski’s home in the Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

Mercer County, Pennsylvania District Attorney Peter Acker said the seizure was a joint effort of his office, along with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Cuyahoga County Attorney’s Office, after a warrant was issued for the boat and trailer. WFMJ told to

The operation to seize the boat and trailer is part of an ongoing investigation into a fishing competition scandal involving Kominsky and his fishing partner, Cleveland’s Jacob Runian. The scandal gained national attention and was brought to the attention of investigators after a video emerged in which weights and fish fillets were allegedly found in the catch.

last week, The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has announced that it has begun preparing a report for the Cuyahoga County Attorney’s Office. About controversy. ODNR provided the following statement to 3News:

ODNR Wildlife Officers responded to the Lake Erie Walleye Tournament on Friday, September 30, 2022 after being contacted by tournament organizers. Officers are gathering evidence and preparing a report for the Cuyahoga County Attorney’s Office.

As this is a public inquiry, there are no further comments at this time.

In a statement on Facebook last week, Lake Erie Walleye Trail Tournament Director Jason Fischer said he had submitted all information regarding the incident to ODNR’s Wildlife Division.

“It hurts me deeply to see so much negative light on our sport,” Fisher added.

Fisher also recently appeared on the “Bigwater Fishing Podcast”, detailing what happened during the tournament.

“I’m studying the[fish]weight these teams need to win,” Fisher said. When Cominsky and Runyan turned in what he thought was a four-pound walleye, he became alarmed. Instead, it weighed about 8 pounds.

“I checked how the fish was alive,” Fisher added, “but it wasn’t.” discovered.

Amid angry reactions from other contestants, Fisher said he felt compelled to make sure Kominski and Lanyon were escorted safely out of the park.

3News’ Ryan Haidet and Emma Henderson contributed to this article

https://www.wkyc.com/article/sports/outdoors/report-boat-trailer-cleveland-fishing-tournament-controversy-seized-investigators/95-608d1316-e605-45f9-b7f5-737c0310485c Report: Boat, trailer seized in Cleveland fishing scandal

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