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San Francisco leaders react as AAPI activists call for reconsideration of attack on elderly woman

San Francisco city leaders It is responding to calls for transparency in the investigation into the attack on Chinese immigrants.

Community members of the Asian Justice Movement gathered at a rally Saturday night to demand action in the case of 63-year-old Yanfan Wu.

Wu was shoved on a sidewalk in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood last July and later died from his injuries. Police ruled the incident an accident and no arrests were made.

However, the group announced that the suspect who pushed Mr. Wu was arrested last week on suspicion of assaulting a 71-year-old Chinese woman.

Activists have called on police to release footage of Wu's incident, saying it is being investigated as a possible murder and hate crime.

mayor of san francisco London Breed released a statement on Facebook on Sunday. She said she wants the video released once the investigation is complete.

“I believe in transparency and stand with the API community in seeking justice for all victims and survivors of hate incidents. I want the video released as soon as possible,” she said.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott released the following statement: His social media pages Sunday:

“SFPD does not condone violence against the AAPI community and takes these incidents very seriously. Mr. Wu Yanfang's death is a tragedy. Our investigators are working diligently on this case. , conducts open and aggressive investigations. In all cases, we look for evidence of a motive, including the possibility of a hate crime. SFPD will continue to conduct open and aggressive investigations until the investigation is complete and open for investigation or possible prosecution. Once we have determined that there is no hindrance, we will release the video of this incident as requested by Mayor Breed.”

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/san-francisco-leaders-respond-aapi-activists-demand-second-look-attack-rcna144146 San Francisco leaders react as AAPI activists call for reconsideration of attack on elderly woman

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