Sen. Sherrod Brown calls Issue 1 vote a “testament to Ohioans’ belief in democracy”

OHIO (WTRF) — Now that Issue 1 has failed, some Ohio officials are calling it a victory for democracy in the state.

Senator Sherrod Brown is among them, calling it a product of power-hungry politicians.

Senator Brown says the most stunning part of Tuesday night’s election wasn’t the result…it was the turnout.

He sees the close to 40 percent who voted as a victory for citizens’ power over the politicians they elect.

He had harsh words for the intentions of those who put Issue 1 up for a vote, calling it the product of power-hungry Columbus politicians.

The senator accused them of scheduling it in August to depress the number of voters who showed up to the polls.

He also believes it was a proxy vote on what should happen with abortion in Ohio.

“Make no mistake, this Issue 1 on August 8, is about abortion. Take them at their word. It’s clear they tried to rig the system and try to stop the 700,000 petitioners and ultimately the 2 million voters or so that that that insisted that abortion rights should be part of the Constitution and part of everyday life in Ohio.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown, (D)-Ohio

Ohio Secretary of State Frank Larose released a statement expressing disappointment on the failure of Issue 1.

He calls it a victory for out-of-state interests and feels it’s an assault on Ohio’s constitution.

He also expressed appreciation for the 1.3 million Ohioans that voted yes.

The vote to decide whether or not Ohioans have a state constitutional right to abortion will take place on November 7th. Sen. Sherrod Brown calls Issue 1 vote a “testament to Ohioans’ belief in democracy”

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