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Senior Support Fair helped hundreds with vital information

Belmont County, Ohio (WTRF) – The annual Senior Support Fair at the Ohio Valley Mall gave seniors the opportunity to meet with dozens of vendors in the healthcare and related industries.

We also offer information, resources, giveaways and free health checks.

“Over the 23 years that we have been hosting this event, we have found that when they come to this event and take advantage of some of the health checks that some vendors offer, they can, so this is very It’s important, we can save lives through health screenings for those who don’t have insurance or can’t get medical care.”

Tate Blanchard, Coordinator, Senior Support Fair

When it started in 1999, it was called the “Nursing Care Support Fair.” The aim was to reduce stress for unpaid caregivers.

These days, not only the elderly themselves, but also their families and caregivers are being targeted.

This year’s vendors included hospitals, home care providers, skilled nursing facilities, veterans’ health services, pharmacies, and medical device providers.

https://www.wtrf.com/belmont-county/senior-support-fair-helped-hundreds-with-vital-information/ Senior Support Fair helped hundreds with vital information

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