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Should Toledo put the brakes on its new car wash?

The Perrysburg City Council recently paused construction of a new car wash.

Toledo, Ohio — Final Closure Uncle John’s Pancake House To make room for the expansion of an adjacent car wash on Secor Road in West Toledo, Toledo citizens are wondering about the spate of open or recently opened car washes in the area.

Many, if not most, of the comments on WTOL 11 social media posts This issue was raised regarding the closure of Uncle John’s. While many lament the need for more car washes, others argue that their construction is a sign of positive business development.

In other words, should the “free market” be the ultimate determinant of what and where to build, or should voters decide that it should be, whether the government decides whether for aesthetics or quality of life the development of a business should be determined? should be able to brake on Occur?

As many have seen, the problem is not unique to Toledo.

The Perrysburg City Council recently passed an ordinance moratorizing the construction of new car washes in the city.

City Council Speaker Jonathan Smith says citizens complained when a proposal was made to turn the site of the Social Gastro Pub into a car wash.

Smith said the council preemptively approved measures to stop it. He also said there are concerns about what will happen to the building the car wash occupies if it goes out of business.

For example, the West South Boundary Street car wash was abandoned for years.

Perrysburg now has seven car washes, and nine more within a mile, Smith said.

For now, with the decision to sell Uncle John’s, the Whitewater Express Car Wash expansion continues to move forward, pending final approval from the Planning Commission.

Another car wash is under construction across the street from the Home Depot parking lot in Perrysburg.

However, the question of whether this particular style of business should be more tightly regulated in Toledo remains to be seen. At this time, the Toledo City Council has no plans to address this issue.

https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/toledoans-question-the-need-for-more-car-washes/512-9d3e4e9e-9656-4024-a512-e44e0d97b169 Should Toledo put the brakes on its new car wash?

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