Showers and Storms Bring Welcome Rain to Central Ohio

At noon, a band of showers rose northeast, preceding a warm front, and although heavy rainfall was localized, there was a generalized downpour.

Rain will lull later in the day, with more sporadic showers and storms in the evening. Heating is limited by cloud cover during the wet season as readings drop to the high 60s.

A low pressure system developing along a cold front will bring more rain and a few storms early tonight. After midnight, the rain will ease into sporadic showers. A total of about an inch of heavy rain is expected by early Monday morning, which will be very beneficial after a long dry period.

Clouds will clear and partly sunny Monday afternoon, followed by cool weather through the first half of the week. The temperature only reaches the low 70s.

Upper level turbulence could bring showers Tuesday, with rain lingering into the evening and an unseasonably cool pattern continuing.

Temperatures are expected to return to the 80s later in the week, and a few storms are possible on Thursday.


  • Sunday: Cloudy, showers, light storm. high 73
  • Tonight: showers, storms, heavy rain. Row 58
  • Monday: Partly clear with some clouds remaining. high 70
  • Tuesday: More rain and cooler weather. high 71 (53)
  • Wednesday: clouds, clear afternoon high 76 (57)
  • Thursday: Clouds will mix with the sun, and the storm will blow. High 83 (56)
  • Friday: Mostly sunny. High 83 (58)
  • Saturday: Partly cloudy. High 82 (59)

https://www.nbc4i.com/weather/forecast/showers-storms-bring-welcome-rain-to-central-ohio/ Showers and Storms Bring Welcome Rain to Central Ohio

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