Small Town Says Goodbye to 80 Years of Business

Doyle Welding Inc. has been in the Lions community for 85 years. On Saturday, the village honored businesses as Grand Marshals in a Christmas parade.

Lyons, Ohio — After 85 years in business, Doyle Welding Co., Ltd.We’ve closed the door to where Steve Gillespie and his family have made a staple of the Lions community for generations.

To celebrate their long-running business on Saturday, Gillespie and his family served as grand marshals for the 32nd Annual Lions Christmas Parade.

Gillespie’s grandfather started the business in 1938 but died in the 1950s. Gillespie’s father then bought it and changed his name to Lyon Oil his garage. He eventually sold it to Steve, who renamed it Doyle Welding.

“I’ve been involved in the community my whole life. It’s a great place to live. Everyone knows everyone and everyone cares,” he said.

He said it was time to close the shop.

But Gillespie wasn’t just known for his craftsmanship, he was also a firefighter for 38 years. According to Fire Chief Matt Smithmeier, Gillespie never hesitated to help, whether it was at a department store or his nearby store.

“He just closed the door, ran to the fire station and called. The community knew he would answer the call and they knew he would be back as soon as the call ended.” A. Smithmeyer.

In a small town on the Ohio-Michigan border, Smithyer said, everyone knows each other.

“It’s refreshing to meet someone who’s been involved in a community you’ve known for a long time,” he said.

Gillespie has now sold the property to another local firm, 3 J’s Trucking, and said he has high hopes for the business.

He says he wants to play more golf with his family now.

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