Social Issues in Cambodia caused by Gambling

Cambodia has a long list of issues in its social and economic expanse. A consequence of which reflects in the GNP and quality of life of people in the country. Poverty is widespread. Corruption is the number one reason that is eating away the development rate.

Gambling acts as fuel to corruption. It has been a long-standing evil in Cambodian society. Not because of the game itself but the consequences and the crimes associated with it. Talk about illegal trading of drugs and other substances, money laundering, terrorist funding, and so on. Illegal business leaders can disguise these activities via exchanges occurring through gambling. Since the money is not taxable, it acts as an easy medium. Gambling can even lead to violence when governed by addiction.

The youth is most vulnerable to such atrocities. Despite the ban on gambling in Cambodia, the practice is widespread because of poor regulation.

Is gambling a threat or fun?

People have dissenting opinions when it comes to gambling. The ones who enjoy gambling games view it as a source of recreation like sports or other entertainment. People splurge to participate in those, as much as they spend on gambling. A large portion of the population of the Western world has no restrictions on gambling. Their mindset is somewhat casual on the issue. They indulge in it once in a while for a little adrenaline rush.

But in poor or developing countries, the chance to get rich overnight in Gclubmay attract a large number of young players. Adolescence itself is a confusing stage where one may find it hard to weigh the pros and cons. When these people get exposed to gambling, it becomes a threat to society.

Another fact that raises the threat is how the companies market it. They try to lure people in with over-the-top promotion offers with a condition of a certain play-through rate. Some players fall for it and keep playing for hours until those conditions are met.

Issues of morality in casino gambling

But then some people view it as a disease to the moral values of the society. We need to understand the level of addiction it can invite, affecting interpersonal relationships and life in general. Gambling addiction can make someone go bankrupt. In the recent European Cuppa 2020, some people attempted to sell their properties for betting.

Hence, a high level of regulation is necessary for such domains to encourage responsible gambling.

Gambling is still a forbidden activity in many countries, including Cambodia. But there, the ban is only for the locals. There are presently 193 casinos registered to operate in Cambodia where foreign tourists can play.

Gambling – ever-increasing addiction

We always love challenges and go behind the thrilling activities even when they may possess some risks. Although risk-taking ability has a positive impact, as that is how we evolve, too much desire for the same may be harmful.

Gambling is the type of all the games that determines luck and risk level, along with the excitement it brings. Gambling isn’t quite fun for avid players when there is no risk of losing money involved.

When a person starts believing that gambling is the only way to get out of misery or win back the losses, it results in a pattern that can only be stopped through therapy.

The symptoms shown by a gambling addict are similar to an alcoholic or a substance abuser. They become secretive about their conduct and cannot resist the overwhelming need to partake in the activity, even if it is harmful to them.

When there is a casino in the neighborhood, or online casinos are easily accessible, problematic gambling can easily grasp a person. This is how gambling addiction is rising everywhere in the world, including Cambodia.

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