Social work’s role in creating a better future

Changemakers are key to solving the world’s most pressing problems, and they enact this change one person and one community at a time. Social workers are just one group of changemakers working to create a better future for all.

Social workers play a vital role in tackling a wide range of issues, from supporting individuals with mental health concerns to advocating for children’s welfare and fostering community development. Ohio University’s nationally respected online Master’s in Social Work program is designed to deliver the skills and knowledge social workers need to make a positive impact in these critical areas.

Camryn Smith, a social work master’s degree candidate, sees the future filled with opportunities to improve the lives of others.

“I could see myself staying in the field of survivor advocacy and doing counseling with trauma survivors, but I could also see myself one day running a community program. My MSW will help me to reach any of those goals and doesn’t limit me to practicing in a specific area as many similar professional degrees may,” said Smith.

How social workers support community mental health

Mental health in the community is a top priority for social workers, who provide essential support in various settings, such as hospitals, mental health clinics, schools, and rehabilitation centers. They offer therapy, counseling, and advocacy services, helping individuals and communities navigate mental health challenges. Ohio University’s MSW program offers a more comprehensive and rigorous education unavailable at the undergraduate level in community development, advocacy, clinical practice.

Social workers advocate for child welfare

Child welfare is another vital area where social workers make a difference. They tirelessly work to ensure the safety and well-being of children in need, especially those facing abuse, neglect, or foster care. Social workers act as advocates for these vulnerable children, creating safer and more nurturing environments. Ohio University’s MSW program guides students on how to navigate the complex child welfare system and contribute to children’s well-being.

How social workers foster community development

Social workers play a key role in community development, collaborating with residents, organizations, and policymakers to address critical issues like affordable housing, education, healthcare access, and job opportunities. Ohio University’s MSW program equips students with the knowledge and tools to lead community development initiatives, empowering communities to become more self-reliant and resilient.

An online MSW program that addresses both global and personal challenges

OHIO’s 100 percent online MSW program is designed with working professionals in mind, offering the flexibility needed to balance education with current employment and personal commitments.

“Our online MSW program is a part-time program. Students in our program complete fewer practicum hours and take fewer classes each semester than those in full-time programs, often allowing them to maintain their current employment role while continuing to spend time with friends and family,” said Kelly Vacca, Assistant Professor of Instruction and Field Director for OHIO’s Online MSW Program.

The program also prioritizes personalized attention from faculty who are invested in students’ success, as they prepare to become the future changemakers the world needs.

“I also spend much of my time meeting with students to help navigate program requirements, identify areas of interest and assist with locating Practicum sites, understand state licensure requirements, help answer questions, prepare for licensure exams, and provide general support to students as needed,” said Vacca.

OHIO’s MSW program provides the flexibility and resources you need to embark on a fulfilling career in social work. With a top-quality education, you’ll be well-prepared to play a significant role in creating a better future and address global challenges, one person and one community at a time.

https://www.ohio.edu/news/2023/11/addressing-worlds-challenges-social-works-role-creating-better-future Social work’s role in creating a better future

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