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Solon Residents Concerned After Recent 911 Call Issues

Solon Mayor Ed Krause echoed concerns from residents, calling the incident “inexcusable”.

Solon, Ohio — After a slow 911 response that left a man dead after waiting for medical help, Solon’s family is calling for change.

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Michelle Seifert recalled the day of the incident and what led her to think she needed immediate medical attention, saying, “I was playing pickleball for about an hour and a half and I started getting a little headache. I couldn’t wait, so I went to the hospital.” I called 911. “

Seifert’s wife, Elise, was given medication to ease the pain, but minutes later the headache continued to progress. There was a call to 119.

Elise suggested driving him to a local hospital, but Mitchell said he wanted to wait until paramedics arrived. He stood at the edge of the lawn waiting for staff to arrive, the pain getting worse with each passing second. After a long wait of 11 minutes, help finally arrived.

Mitchell recalls. “When I got into the ER team, I was throwing up so badly, I just said, please help me, God. When they saw me doing it, they said to them, Life has taken me to the Cleveland Clinic downtown.”

Calls to Solon are routed through the Chagrin Valley Contingent and then referred to the Solon Fire and Rescue Service.

According to Solon fire records, there were several calls on May 6. Seifert’s call was delayed by more than 11 minutes. Another unrelated call delayed him by just over 10 minutes.

Elise filed a complaint with the city council a month after the incident, saying, “I can imagine how many people could die while waiting for an ambulance, so I think this issue needs to be addressed immediately.” Stated.

Solon Mayor Ed Krause, who is also the city’s chief safety officer, agreed with Seifert’s view, saying he “fully agrees with what is inexcusable.”

Both the mayor and Seifert agree that once the rescue team arrived they were excellent. “We will address the fact that something like this should never have happened to anyone and we had to wait,” Krauss said.

“This is an isolated incident,” he added.

The incident comes years after an unidentified woman had to watch her life-threatening son for nearly 12 minutes until help arrived after a 911 call.

The mother told 3News, “After 30 minutes of putting him to bed, I found that he was unresponsive, staring at the wall and only blinking. It took him 12 minutes to get home, but 3,00 minutes to the fire station. It was about four minutes,” he said. “

Her son was forced to be life-saving when paramedics were unable to help him with a convulsion.

“No parent should have to hold their child on the grass for 12 minutes and just pray for their life,” the mother said.

Her son, now 7, is not what he used to be. But she says the event left her son with lasting effects, including memory problems.

“I often think that if he had gotten help sooner, he would still have this life.”

The mayor went on to say that the city’s safety officers are among the best in the state and that they are trained to always be prepared.

Seifert emphasizes response time, blaming it on the call center.

We reached out to Chagrin Valley Dispatch for comment but did not receive a response.

https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/solon-residents-express-concern-issues-with-911-response-times/95-4abd4635-d360-4d3c-9e8e-2f737fd33588 Solon Residents Concerned After Recent 911 Call Issues

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