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Spending a real-life weekend at Barneys?Ohio woman adopts friend killed in bank run |

The incident is quite similar to the plot of the 1989 film Weekend at Bernie’s, except that two Ohio The women are accused of driving the dead man’s body to a bank and withdrawing money from his account.

Karen Kasbohm, 63, and Loreen Bee Ferraro, 55, were charged Tuesday in Ashtabula with, among other things, felony abuse of a corpse. Police said on Monday that they received a report that two unnamed women had dropped off a body at the hospital. One of the women then contacted the hospital (Ashtabula County Medical Center) with information about the deceased, identified as Douglas Layman, 80, of Ashtabula.

Officers went to the home and spoke with Kasbohm and Ferraro, who lived together. They told police they found him dead there earlier that day.

Police then, with the help of an anonymous person, placed Layman’s body in the front seat of a car and drove to a bank with a drive-through window, where they withdrew an “undisclosed amount” from his account. claims. .

Police Chief Robert Stell said in a news release Thursday that Amateur’s body was “placed in the vehicle in a manner that would make it visible to bank employees in order to make withdrawals.” Mr Stell said the bank “previously allowed this as long as a companion was present”.

One of the women was reportedly in a relationship with Layman, while the other was only together for a few months. The women claimed that they frequently withdrew money from his account.

In the 1989 film Weekend at Bernie’s, two men attending a party at their boss’s house discover that their boss has been murdered by a renegade hitman. To avoid being framed for murder until they leave, they try to convince the unsuspecting guests that the corpse was still alive.

The coroner’s office said an autopsy to determine Layman’s cause of death could take up to eight months.

The Associated Press contributed reporting.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2024/mar/09/ohio-women-dead-body-bank Spending a real-life weekend at Barneys?Ohio woman adopts friend killed in bank run |

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