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State AG’s Sue EPA Over WOTUS – WOWO 1190 AM

Attorney General Austin Knudsen of Montana and attorneys general of 23 other states have filed a lawsuit against Waters of the Biden administration’s U.S. Rules.the group says The EPA’s WOTUS rule “exceeds the powers delegated by Congress in the Clean Water Act, raises serious constitutional concerns, and abuses the Administrative Procedure Act. Knudsen said, “The administration’s water law restricts land use and violates the law and the U.S. Constitution. The EPA seeks to assert jurisdiction over land and water bodies not connected to navigable water bodies.” The Attorney General is fighting to protect farm and ranch operations, mining and energy workers, infrastructure and housing projects in Montana and across the nation. said. Montana and other states plan to file preliminary injunctions to stay the pending rules.

https://www.wowo.com/state-a-gs-sue-epa-over-wotus/ State AG’s Sue EPA Over WOTUS – WOWO 1190 AM

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