State budget sent to DeWine after passing Ohio Senate

Dayton, Ohio (WDTN) — The state budget was passed by the Ohio House and Senate. The budget document has now been sent to Governor Mike DeWine’s desk for the governor to decide whether to sign it.

Ohio senators voted along party lines during the election. When lawmakers in the Ohio House voted on the bill, several Democrats in the House joined Republicans in voting in favor of passing a bill containing about $190 billion.

Major changes in the new budget now give every student in the state a choice in school choice. Any student enrolled in a public school can apply for a voucher to attend any public or private school of their choice.

The school selection portion of the budget will be partially or fully funded by Ohio taxpayers.

Ohio residents will reportedly experience about $3 billion in savings. The state is included in the budget to eliminate two of the four tax divisions. Individuals with incomes between $26,000 and $100,000 would pay 2.75%. People earning more than $100,000 in Ohio will pay 3.5%.

Two Ohio senators, one from each party, said of their reaction to the budget:

This budget benefits the wealthy and well-connected, but leaves out the low-income, the needy, and, frankly, the middle class.Ohio Senate Minority Leader Nikki Antonio said.

It’s about enabling Ohioans to keep money in their pockets while maintaining a social safety net for the most vulnerable. I think I got tosaid Jay Edwards, Chairman of the Ohio House Finance Committee.

The budget also includes several bills, including the Department of Education (DOE) review and the Social Media Act.

While the overhaul strengthens the powers of state legislatures rather than the DOE, social media laws require parental consent for children under 16.

https://www.wdtn.com/statehouse-news/state-budget-sent-to-dewine-after-passing-ohio-senate/ State budget sent to DeWine after passing Ohio Senate

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