Stay Safe in the Sun at the Upcoming Ohio Valley Festivals

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — If you are planning on heading out to any of the big festivals in the Ohio Valley this weekend you should keep a close eye on the temperatures. 

As we head into a fun filled weekend with several festivals, it is important to take precautions if you will be out in the heat for extended periods of time.

According to Dr. Clark Milton from WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital, heat is the deadliest of weather-related hazards and injuries. Dr. Milton reminds us to wear light colored and loose fitting clothing if you are heading out to one of the festivals and to constantly hydrate.

Some things to limit while in the heat are over exertion, sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages especially in large crowds. 

”During these festivals. Lots of people, lots of heat. You must be aware adequate hydration if you’re going to drink beer and other alcoholic beverages. You need to hydrate in between. Take care of yourself, take care of your friends, take care of your pets. So, it’s a summer to remember.”

Dr. Clark Milton – Medical Director of Corporate Health

Dr. Milton also reminds us to be sure we are wearing sunscreen, staying in shaded areas, and keeping an eye out for any signs of heat-related injuries. Stay Safe in the Sun at the Upcoming Ohio Valley Festivals

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