Student under investigation for reportedly bringing weapon to Anthony Wayne football game

The student was removed from the stadium without incident and taken into custody by Whitehouse police, district superintendent Jim Fritz said.

WHITEHOUSE, Ohio — A student is under investigation after an incident during an Anthony Wayne football game Friday.

The student allegedly brought a weapon to the game, according to a letter to families from Anthony Wayne Local Schools Superintendent Jim Fritz. Another student told Whitehouse police that the student may be in possession of a weapon at the game. An officer approached the identified student and removed them from the stadium without incident.

The student was taken into police custody. The student was not allowed to attend the homecoming dance and is not permitted to attend school until the police investigation is complete, Fritz said.

“The District thanks the student who reported this concern immediately to police,” Fritz said.  “Thank you for continuing to remind your students to report any safety concerns that they may have. It is through a collaborative effort that we keep our school community safe.”

Further details regarding the student’s identity or the nature of the weapon were not disclosed.

As an added safety precaution, the homecoming dance had an increased police presence Saturday night.

If you are a student in Ohio with a safety concern, contact local authorities, district officials or use the Safer Ohio School Tip Line by calling or texting 844-723-3764 (844-SaferOH.) You can also use the Safer Ohio School Tip Line app or website at this link. You can remain anonymous.



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https://www.wtol.com/article/news/crime/student-taken-into-custody-for-reportedly-bringing-weapon-to-anthony-wayne-football-game-friday/512-0989738e-df15-4e63-85af-5fc99916a073 Student under investigation for reportedly bringing weapon to Anthony Wayne football game

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