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Study Away program allows students to immerse themselves in Florence, Italy’s fashion scene

Surrounded by Italy’s breathtaking landscape, the city of Florence is a must-visit destination for fashion lovers.

One of the world’s premier fashion capitals, this famous city has set the stage for fashion 2023. Florence Retail Touris an educational studyaway program offered through . Retail and fashion merchandising programs with Global Opportunity Office. Ohio University students immersed themselves in the city’s craftsmanship traditions, explored local fashion trends, and gained a better understanding of the economic and social factors that shaped Florentine retail.

guided by Program Director Lisa Williams, Ohio students have moved beyond textbooks and classrooms. With a backdrop of Renaissance architecture and winding cobblestone streets, Florence, Italy’s renowned tradition of skilled craftsmen, respected tanneries and a rich history of craftsmanship have made it a global hub for quality leather goods. established a position. Students explored many facets of the production and retail cycle, from the intricate craftsmanship behind glamorous handbags to the unique strategies employed by the city’s department stores.

Williams explained the value that this kind of experience brings to a student’s curriculum.

“Our aim is to enable students to truly understand the journey of a product, from its birth and design concept to its prominent place on retail shelves. Paris, London, Milan, And by immersing themselves in influential fashion destinations, such as this time in Florence, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of how European fashion influences trends and, ultimately, the United States. We will be heading to,” Williams said.

Fashion exhibition held in Florence, Italy

Students also gained valuable networking opportunities that could shape their future careers. Through engagement with industry experts and direct interaction with designers, participants gained first-hand knowledge of possible avenues in fashion production, wholesale and retail.

Retail merchandising and fashion production giant Lanae Hobbs Gathaway shared his transformation experience.

“This opportunity has shown me a side of the fashion industry that I have never experienced before. Witnessing the relationship between theory and reality in this European city was eye-opening. will help us further explore potential opportunities in the retail industry.” Hobbes Gathaway.

The experience provided Ohio students with an opportunity for cultural exploration and a taste of the vibrant atmosphere of Florence. By strolling the streets, visiting iconic landmarks and embracing the quintessence of Italian culture, students gained a holistic perspective that enriched their educational journey.

Buildings are shown in Florence, Italy

Williams emphasized the transformative power of such tours.

“These immersive experiences bridge the gap between theory and practice, giving students a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the fashion industry,” Williams said. “By witnessing trends evolve first-hand and gaining insight into their potential impact, students are uniquely positioned within the industry. It is an integral part of education and personal growth.”

Looking ahead, the Global Opportunities Authority has tentatively scheduled its next fashion retail tour for 2025. The next program will be hosted in Paris, France, giving students an immersive experience in this vibrant fashion capital. Highlights include visits to fashion landmarks such as the Champs Elysées, the Louvre and Paris’ fashion district, as well as Galleries Her Lafayette, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Lesage, Cecile Her Jeanne, Maria de Carvalho, Beau Her Includes exclusive access to Susi. Students will also explore historic sites such as the Palace of Versailles and the Left Bank, ensuring a rich cultural experience along with valuable insights into apparel merchandising.

Anyone interested in learning more about this educational opportunity is encouraged to contact Williams. williaL6@ohio.edu Or contact the Global Opportunities Office at: global.opportunities@ohio.edu. Students who want to know more about other study abroad experiences should take a look. ohio.edu/go global.

https://www.ohio.edu/news/2023/06/study-away-program-provides-students-immersion-florence-italy-fashion-scene Study Away program allows students to immerse themselves in Florence, Italy’s fashion scene

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